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This is the main part of the site and contains both mating pictures and video clips. The list below shows the various sections of the site.  

The Dogs Section contains four pages of pictures of mating dogs including a greyhound page. There is also an "other canines" section featuring breeding pictures of wolves, foxes and dingo's. There is also a dog video clip section. There are many more dog clips on the sites mating DVD's.


The Cats Section contains a page of mating lion pictures. Just click on the thumb nail to view a larger picture. There is also a mating domestic cat section. Its much safer taking these sort of photographs!  The mating cats video clip section is down at the moment - I will put it on my to do list. There are 100's of  cat clips on my mating DVD's.

The Cattle Section

The Horse Section This is the biggest section of the site. There is page on horse mating behaviour. There are three pages of horse mating pics. One of these are older black and white photographs. Just click on the thumb nails to see the full size pics. There are three pages of horse clips. These are split up into natural mating, assisted mating and semen collection clips. DVD 1 contains over 260 horse clips including over 20 collection clips. Collecting semen is a difficult job why do I get the feeling that some people would do this for free?


The Mating Bird Section This is a very small section with pictures taken at Paignton Zoo.


Interspecies Sections The horror ... This section features  matings with animals of different species. Are these animals confused or what ? There are separate picture and film sections.


Primates Section Featuring mating chimps, bonobo, baboons and monkeys. Am working on this section at the moment


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